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NON-LITE training apparatus mimics the popular tactical SureFire light, for heavy-duty use and rough handling in tactical training exercises.

NON-LITE Tactical Training Light
'SureFire' Replica


NON-LITE is a tactical weapon systems training apparatus designed to mimic the weight, balance and profile of a standard gun-mounted flashlight; allowing the operator to focus on training - not protecting gear.

NON-LITE offers military, law-enforcement, and federal agencies a way to annually save thousands of dollars replacing real gun-mounted flashlights damaged or destroyed as a result of extensive training exercises. NON-LITE is constructed of glass-filled nylon and is weighted to feel and perform like an actual SureFire® Tactical Light, but at a fraction of the cost.

NON-LITE mounted on firearm




  • Quick-detach thumb screw rail clamp
  • Weatherproof
  • Constructed of high-strength, durable glass-filled nylon plastic
  • Weighted to mimic actual light
  • Compatible with handguns/long guns with picatinny or universal rails
  • Sized to exact dimensions to fit light-bearing holsters
  • Made in the U.S.A.


NON-LITE was developed as a solution to the inevitable failure of tactical operation lights from the rigorous wear and tear of training.

NON-LITE provides a tough, realistic substitute for operational weapon-mounted lights, so users operational lights don’t suffer damage like that shown below. The result is a dramatic increase in savings from costly replacements and parts.

NON-LITE mounted on firearm



Compatibility Dimensions Weight
Picatinny / universal rails 3.6" length x 1.13" diameter 4.0 oz.