Venom 5 Rnd. Box Mag Shotgun System - Mossberg 500/88

Sidewinder Venom™ Equipped Maverick 88™ 12 Gauge with 5 Rnd. Box Magazine and Pistol Grip Stock

The Sidewinder Venom™ pre-configured magazine-fed shotgun system combines Adaptive Tactical's state-of-the-art 5 round Box magazine with the Maverick 88™ security model shotgun. Its lightning-fast reload action cycles 12 gauge rounds consistently and reliably for the ultimate in performance for defense, range or competition.
Additional 10 round box, 5 round box and 10 round rotary magazines are available for sale separately. 

  • Rapid reloads and increased ammunition capacity
  • Improved firearm versatility and performance
  • Durable polymer and alloy construction
  • Guaranteed reliable feeding
  • 5 round Box magazine
  • Elite Wraptor Forend with 3 rails, heat shield and sight tunnel
  • Hogue 'Tamer' pistol grip
  • Available in Black
  • Compatible with 12 gauge - 2.75" ammunition
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Note! Venom Shotgun Systems are not available for sale through this website. Please contact your local or online firearms retailer.

Prices are for the complete listed shotgun, pre-configured with the Sidewinder Venom magazine-fed system.

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