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Assessing Your Survival Readiness: 10 Overlooked Essentials for Your Bug Out Survival Kit

October 30, 2023

The bug out survival kit remains a staple for ensuring readiness in uncertain times. However, there are often critical items that are overlooked, yet prove invaluable in challenging situations. In this article, we summarize the top 10 often-forgotten but essential items to include in your bug out survival kit.

  1. Cash Stash: In dire situations, cash remains king. While digital payments are prevalent, having a cash reserve in smaller denominations can be crucial when ATMs and cards are unusable.
  2. Multi-tool with Pliers: A good multi-tool is indispensable. However, the inclusion of pliers often gets overlooked. Pliers assist in various tasks like repairs, creating shelter, and handling small objects efficiently.
  3. Local Maps and Compass: While many rely on GPS, it's wise to include physical, detailed maps of your local area and a compass. Electronic navigation can fail, and these analog tools are timeless for finding your way.
  4. Emergency Radio with NOAA Channels: Communication is key during emergencies. A hand-cranked or solar-powered emergency radio tuned to NOAA weather channels helps keep you updated on critical information and alerts.
  5. Duct Tape: This versatile item is often underestimated. Duct tape can serve myriad purposes, from repairing gear and first aid improvisation to creating shelter or making tools.
  6. Quality Bandana or Shemagh: Often overlooked, these items have a multitude of uses—from a bandage or tourniquet to sun protection, dust mask, water filtration, and even as an emergency sling.
  7. Signal Whistle: Sometimes overlooked in favor of flashlights or fire-starters, a loud, durable whistle can attract attention and be a vital signaling tool, especially in challenging terrain or if injured.
  8. Reusable Water Bottle with Filtration System: Water is life. While many include water bottles, integrating a filtration system ensures a renewable water source, allowing you to purify water on the go.
  9. Safety Pins and Sewing Kit: Often forgotten, these small items can be instrumental for repairing torn clothing, gear, or even medical applications like improvised bandages.
  10. Portable Solar Charger: With reliance on electronics, having a compact solar charger is a game-changer. Keep your essential devices charged for communication and navigation.

These often-forgotten but critical items could be the difference between surviving and thriving during challenging situations. Remember, your survival kit should reflect your individual needs, environment, and potential risks. Ensure you're familiar with how to use each item in your kit. Regularly evaluate and update your supplies to maintain readiness.

Preparation is key. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and prioritize comprehensive survival readiness in every aspect.

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