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Venom Kit Availability

Where have all the Sidewinder Venom Kits gone?

The Sidewinder has served us well for many years. There have been several iterations of the patented system dating back to the 1990’s. Adaptive Tactical has offered the Kit since 2011, with a long list of loyal customers using Sidewinder Kits around the world.

It was a difficult decision, but the Adaptive leadership and engineering team have decided to discontinue the Sidewinder product line. With current market conditions drastically impacting our vendor supply chain’s ability to consistently supply raw components and the complete depletion of our existing Sidewinder inventory, we felt it best to phase out production of the Sidewinder product line.

While it is sad to see the Sidewinder lifecycle come to an end, we are excited about the opportunity to aggressively pursue product development for new Adaptive product releases in 2021 and beyond. We look forward to serving our customers in all our existing firearm accessory categories.

We will continue to support Sidewinder warranty requests and offer common replacement parts and magazines on this website until inventory is depleted. Thank you again for your continued business – please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any Sidewinder related questions or comments at

Configurations/Shotgun Models

Which shotgun configurations will fit with Sidewinder Venom Kits?

Venom kits are compatible with Mossberg 500, 590 and Maverick 88s with 5/6 shot tube configurations and 18.5” barrel. Please reference the Venom Kit Compatibility page for a complete listing of compatible shotgun models.

Is the Sidewinder kit compatible with 3.5” receivers like the 535 or 835.

Due to the longer length of the 535 and 835 action bars to accommodate the travel necessary for 3.5" shells, the action bars supplied with the Sidewinder Venom kits are not compatible. Please reference the Venom Kit Compatibility page for a complete listing of compatible shotgun models.

Will you be making the Sidewinder Venom for the Remington 870?

With the soldered and press fit mag tubes, installing the kits on a Remington is definitely more challenging and complicated for offering through retail dealers. The volume and popularity of the Remington 870 is without question, but at this time our current R&D schedule does not include an 870 model.

Do I have to use the Sidewinder Venom Forend which comes with the Venom Kit? Will the Sidewinder Venom Kit work with other forends or hand grips?

Sidewinder Venom Forends (Standard and Wraptor) are specifically designed for use with Sidewinder Venom Kits. The forend's dimensions are customized to allow fitting of the magazine well located on the rear portion of the magazine tube. The features and shape of the forend allow for structural support of the action bars and prevention of the operator’s hand getting pinched between the magwell and the rear of the forend.


Why does my ammo fall out the bottom of the receiver when actuating the forend?

Either the cartridge interrupter (shell stop) has not been removed or the cartridge stop (on the opposite side of the ejector port) has been removed and not re-installed.

Why won't my Sidewinder Venom feed any shells into the receiver?

The Follower Assembly Key is either not inserted or inserted improperly.

Why do rounds keep getting jammed in the magazine?

1) The forend is not being actuated hard enough to properly cycle the shotgun, or 2) the wrong ammo is being used.

Imported (i.e. European, Russian, Brazilian, etc.), non-traditional, home defense or bargain ammo can and often does cause issues due to dimensional and length inconsistencies. We recommend major domestic 2.75" brands (Winchester, Remington, Federal, Hornady). SAAMI Spec Ammo MUST be used in the Sidewinder Venom.


Can I use Sidewinder Venom Mags in my Mossberg without a Sidewinder Venom Kit installed?

No. In order to utilize Venom magazines in conjunction with a Mossberg Pump Shotgun you must have the entire kit installed on the desired shotgun. Magazines require all of the Sidewinder components to function and feed rounds into the receiver.

Are Sidewinder Venom magazines interchangeable between different Sidewinder Venom Kits?

Yes; the 5 round box, 10 round box and 10 round rotary magazines are compatible with all Sidewinder Venom Kits.

Are Sidewinder Venom magazines for sale through this website compatible with the old Sidewinder Venom shotgun conversion kits?

No -- new Sidewinder Venom magazines and related components are not compatible or interchangeable with the original Sidewinder magazines and conversion kits. We recommend looking on eBay or other online merchants for old Sidewinder products.

Will Sidewinder rotary and box magazines work on any Mossberg® 12 gauge?

Sidewinder magazines and their associated Mag-fed Shotgun Systems and/or Kits are designed to integrate exclusively with 590 series, 88* and 500 Mossberg 12 gauge pump shotguns configured with 5/6 shot magazine tubes.
*Sidewinder Venom Kits are not compatible with Single Action Bar Maverick 88 Shotguns.

Are there any restrictions regarding your 10 rnd rotary magazines?

Adaptive is unable to ship 10 Rnd Kits and Magazines to the states of Colorado and New York. We recommend the purchase of 5 Rnd Kits and Magazines as an alternative.


I don't want to install a Venom Kit. Can I purchase a pre-configured Sidewinder Venom shotgun system? Can I have someone else install a Venom Kit?

Pre-configured Sidewinder Venom Shotgun Systems are available through your licensed firearms dealer. Visit our dealer page for a list of FFLs that carry Adaptive Tactical products, or ask your local dealer about availability.

You may also purchase a Venom Kit and bring it to a certified firearm technician or gunsmith for installation.

There is too much powder coating on the magwell tube and I’m unable to completely screw it into the receiver.

A wire brush or car battery terminal brush should be used to remove any excess powder coating that is on the threads. You can also use a little acetone & a red Scotch Brite pad. (Be careful with the acetone and don’t go above the threads.) Screw and unscrew the tube numerous times into the receiver to clear the threads and make a better fit.

I’ve lost my installation instructions for my Sidewinder Venom shotgun system or Venom kit.

If available, Adaptive product instructions may be downloaded in PDF format. Menu/Support/Instructions

How do I get replacement parts for my Venom Kit?

Many Venom replacement parts are available for purchase online. Please visit the Venom Components section of this website. Menu/Products/Venom Components.


Venom Kits are available for either 590 series or 500 & 88 Mossberg 12 gauge pump shotguns configured with 5/6 shot magazine tubes and 18.5" barrels. A quick way to identify your Mossberg model is by the shotgun's magazine tube cap (shown in the following image).

The guide below lists specific models that are compatible with Venom Kits, those that will require modification, and those models that are incompatible. Please contact Customer Service at 208-442-8000 or contact us via email with specific questions about your shotgun model.

Compatible Mossberg Shotguns - Venom Kits are compatible with Mossberg 12 gauge pump shotguns configured with 5/6 shot magazine tubes and 18.5" barrels.

500 / 88

50599 500 - Center Mass Laser
50440 500 Cruiser 6-Shot
50427 500 Magpul Exclusives, 6-Shot 18.5" Barrel
50273 500 Mariner
50411 500 Persuader 6-Shot
51523 500 SPX 6-Shot
50278 500 Tactical 6-Shot, Marinecote
50420 500 Tactical 6-Shot
52133 500 Thunder Ranch 6-Shot, 18.5" Breacher
52135 500 Watchdog (TALO)
31023 88 Special Purpose, 18.5" Barrel
51340 JIC Cruiser
52340 JIC Mariner
57341 JIC Patriot


54123 500 - Blackwater Series
54125 500 Tactical Cruiser 6-Shot w/Breacher
51660 590A1 - 6-Shot, 18.5" Barrel
52682 590A1 - Shell Storage Stock 6-Shot, 18.5" Barrel
51414 590A1 (LPA™ Trigger)
53690 590A1 Adjustable Stock 6-Shot, 18.5" Barrel
51520 590A1 Compact Stock
51417 590A1 Magpul Exclusives 6-Shot, 18.5" Barrel
51273 590A1 Mariner
Compatible with Modifications - These models are compatible if select components are removed or modified.

Sidewinder Venom Kits are compatible with Mossberg FLEX shotguns but the included kit forend will replace the factory FLEX forend. The Sidewinder Venom Kit forend does not have FLEX features. FLEX rear stock components are not compatible with the Adaptive EX Stock included in all Sidewinder Venom SE Kits.

500 / 88

Tri-Rail Forend, Handle and Tactical Light Forend must be removed to install Sidewinder Venom Kit.
50599 500 Center Mass Laser, 6 Shot, 18.5" Barrel
50600 500 Cruiser w/Center Mass Laser, 6 Shot, 18.5" Barrel
50460 500 Chainsaw Handle
54125 500 Cruiser, 6-Shot w/Heat Shield
50591 500 Road Blocker
55605 500 Rolling Thunder
50412 500 Tactical Tri-Rail, 6 Shot, 18.5" Barrel
50673 500 FLEX™ - Tactical 6-Shot w/ Breacher
57340 JIC FLEX™


Laser, Tri-Rail Forend and Chainsaw Handle must be removed to install Sidewinder Venom Kit. Heat Shields may require modification.
50461 500 Chainsaw ZMB Series™
54129 500 Cruiser Tactical Light Forend
51415 590A1 Tactical Light Forend
Compatible with Purchase of 18.5" Barrel

These models are compatible if the factory 20” barrel is replaced with an 18.5” barrel.

500 / 88

50599 500 Center Mass Laser, 8 Shot, 20" Barrel
50600 500 Cruiser w/Center Mass Laser, 8 Shot, 20" Barrel
52260 500 Duck Commander - Signature (TALO)
52281 500 Duck Commander
56420 500 All Purpose
52132 500 Bantam™ All Purpose 12 Gauge
50461 500 Chainsaw ZMB Series, 8-Shot, 20" Barrel
52366 500 Combo (LPA™ Trigger)
54243 500 Combo Standard Trigger
50580 500 Cruiser, 8-Shot
50427 500 MagPul Exclusives, 8-Shot 20" Barrel
50577 500 Persuader, 8-Shot
55244 500 Slugster© (LPA Trigger)
54232 500 Slugster© (Standard Trigger)
50421 500 Tactical Tri-Rail, 8-Shot, 20" Barrel
55116 500 Turkey (LPA™ Trigger)
55116 500 Turkey (Standard Trigger)
55216 500 Turkey THUG
55128 500 Waterfowl
56340 JIC 8-Shot
32200 88 All Purpose
31017 88 Slug
31023 88 Special Purpose, 20" Barrel


50669 590 Magpul Exclusive
50645 590 Special Purpose 9-Shot
50771 590 SPX
50646 590 Tactical Light Forend
50772 590 Tactical Tri-Rail
51660 590A1 - 9-Shot, 20" Barrel
52682 590A1 - Shell Storage Stock 9-Shot, 20" Barrel
53690 590A1 Adjustable Stock 9-Shot, 20" Barrel
51772 590A1 Blackwater Series
51417 590A1 Magpul Exclusives 9-Shot, 20" Barrel
50771 590A1 SPX
53693 590A1 Tactical Tri-Rail
50676 590A1 US Service Model
Not Compatible

500 / 88

54188 500 Bantam Combo
All 500 Special Purpose 20 Gauge
54210 500 Super Bantam™ All Purpose
54145 500 Super Bantam™ Combo
54211 500 Super Bantam™ Duck Commander
58253 500 Super Bantam™ Slugster
54253 500 Super Bantam™ Turkey
50496 510 Mini™ - Muddy Girl
54318 FLEX™ 20 Gauge
54319 FLEX™ 20 Gauge
32202 Maverick 88 All Purpose - Youth
50495 510 Mini™ Turkey THUGS™
57110 505 Youth™ All Purpose
50490 510 Mini™ All Purpose
50455 500 Cruiser, 6-Shot, .410 Bore
50359 500 HS410
50363 500 HS410
51672 FLEX™ 590 Tactical
55121 FLEX™ 500 - All Purpose
50130 FLEX™ 500 - Duck Commander
55122 FLEX™ 500 - Hunting
50673 FLEX™ 500 - Tactical 8-Shot, 20" Barrel
All 535 Models
All 835 Models
All 835 Ulti-Mag Models
All 500L - Left-Handed Models


51672 590 FLEX Tactical 9-Shot
50774, 50775, 50776, 50777 590A1 – 7 Shot
50771, 590A1 SPX – 9-Shot
50676 590A1 US Service Model – 9-Shot
51771 590A1 – XS Sights – 9-Shot
53693 590A1 – Tactical Tri-Rail Adjustable
51660,51663, 51668 590A1 – 9 -Shot