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May 12, 2021

by SHOOTING ILLUSTRATED STAFF posted on May 12, 2021

Each component of the Adaptive Tactical EX Performance Adjustable Stock is engineered with a focus on long-term durability and performance. The M4-style stock features an easy-to-reach rapid adjust lever for a custom, adjustable length-of-pull. The stock incorporates an oversized steel extra strength adjustment pin to handle the power and energy generated by the heaviest calibers.

There is also an extra-thick hexagonal non-slip vented rubber recoil pad to absorb the relentless and pounding recoil from the nastiest rifle rounds and reduce felt recoil and shooting fatigue. A pair of adjustable lever pin covers eliminate the discomfort often associated with removing adjustable rear stocks, while the integrated non-rust sling swivel stud and QD sling swivel insert make for quick and versatile sling mounting options. Glass-filled nylon construction guarantees years of reliability for all seasons and conditions.

“Our EX Performance Adjustable Stock is a highly successful stock, in fact, our number one selling item, but we wore out the mold with the increased demand in 2020. With the number of units we produced, we were forced to cease production and rebuild the mold,” commented Gary Cauble, vice president of sales and marketing at Adaptive Tactical.

“During the revamp of the mold, we decided to streamline the appearance of the stock to better match a wider variety of modern rifle receivers and consumer preferences. By doing so, we have not only been able to update the look of the product, but we have improved the mold to increase our production capacity to meet growing customer demand.”

The EX Performance Adjustable Stock has an MSRP of $49.99 is available in Black, Flat Dark Earth (FDE), and Orange Less Lethal. The stock weighs 12 ounces with a recoil pad, or 8 ounces without a pad.

The Adaptive Tactical Lightweight Tactical Grip (LTG) is a great compliment to the EX Performance Adjustable Stock. The grip is designed for AR15/AR9 rifles and AR pistols. The LTG’s one-piece frame design reduces overall material and significantly reduces weight compared to other grip designs. Non-conductive polymer material will not retain heat nor cold and maintain a comfortable surface temperature while providing an improved grip in all weather conditions.

The LTG is easily installed and includes mounting hardware. The LTG is available in Black or FDE and is available in a bundle that combines the LTG and the EX Performance AR Adjustable Stock with an MSRP of $55.98.

by SHOOTING ILLUSTRATED STAFF posted on May 12, 2021

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