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TacStar 10/22 Stock by Richard Johnson

April 24, 2013

TacStar 10/22 Stock

by Richard Johnson on April 24, 2013


TacStar is now making an Adaptive Tactical stock that they claim is the “…most advanced and versitile stock available…” for the Ruger 10/22 rifle.

The stock has a pistol grip and adjustable butt stock.  The butt stock also holds two Ruger 10/22 10-round magazines.

The stock has a removable barrel insert that allows for the use of a wide range of 10/22 barrels.  Thinner barrels have the spacer in place so there are no gaps, while thicker, bull barrels do not have the spacer in place.

The underside of the fore end has a reversible insert.  When in place, the piece will either match the rest of the fore end, or when reversed, will have a short Picatinny rail for the addition of a bipod or other accessory.

The stocks will be available in black and three different camo patterns:  Legends, Muddy Girl and Kryptek.  MSRP for the black model is $129.95 and $164.95 for the other colors.  TacStar expects to start shipping in May.


by Richard Johnson on April 24, 2013

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