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The Art of Shooting on the Move: Essential Drills for New Shooters

July 19, 2023

Today, we will be diving into the world of shooting on the move. While shooting on the move requires skill and practice, it is an essential technique for shooters seeking to enhance their proficiency and adaptability in dynamic scenarios. In this article, we will explore and summarize seven recommended sample shooting on the move drills specifically designed for new shooters. So, let's lace up our boots, holster our handguns, and head out to the range!

Lateral Movement Drill:

Begin by engaging targets at a stationary firing line while incorporating lateral movement. Focus on maintaining a balanced and stable shooting platform while sidestepping left and right. This drill hones your ability to engage targets accurately while on the move, simulating scenarios where you need to traverse obstacles or engage multiple threats from different angles.

Forward and Backward Drill:

Incorporate forward and backward movement while engaging targets positioned at various distances. Start by moving at a moderate pace and gradually increase the speed as your confidence grows. Pay close attention to maintaining a consistent sight picture and trigger control while transitioning between positions. This drill enhances your ability to shoot effectively while advancing or retreating from potential threats.

Cornering Drill:

This drill simulates situations where you encounter corners or barriers that require you to quickly engage targets while maintaining cover. Set up targets around corners or barricades and practice peeking out, acquiring a target, and firing accurately. Focus on minimizing exposure while maintaining a stable shooting position. This drill trains you to shoot effectively while utilizing cover and effectively engaging threats from confined spaces.

Target Transition Drill:

Developing the ability to transition between multiple targets swiftly is essential in dynamic scenarios. Set up multiple targets at different distances and engage them while on the move. Practice smoothly transitioning your focus and sight alignment from one target to another, ensuring accurate shots with minimal delay. This drill enhances your target acquisition speed, allowing you to engage multiple threats effectively.

Reload and Move Drill:

Incorporate reloading techniques while on the move to simulate scenarios where you need to maintain a continuous defensive posture. Begin by engaging targets, and upon reaching a predetermined round count, execute a reload while advancing or retreating. Emphasize maintaining a stable shooting platform during the reload process and smoothly transitioning back into engagement. This drill enhances your ability to manage ammunition supply while staying mobile and vigilant.

Pivot and Engage Drill:

This drill focuses on engaging targets while pivoting or turning quickly. Set up targets around you in a circular pattern and rotate to face each target before firing. Maintain a balanced stance and ensure your pivot is fluid and controlled. This drill improves your agility and shooting accuracy when engaging threats from various angles.

Shooting from Unstable Platforms Drill:

In real-life scenarios, you may encounter unstable platforms such as stairs or uneven terrain. Practice shooting on these unstable surfaces, adjusting your stance and grip to maintain stability and accuracy. Engage targets while moving on surfaces that challenge your balance and adaptability. This drill enhances your ability to shoot accurately under challenging conditions.

Remember, safety is paramount. Always ensure a safe and controlled training environment, use proper equipment, and follow all range rules and regulations. There is a wide variety of available online training videos that can provide specific drills for any of the above training categories. We encourage new shooters not comfortable with basic firearm training movements to seek professional guidance and supervision while performing these drills.

By incorporating these shooting on the move drills into your training regimen, you'll develop the essential skills needed to adapt and engage targets effectively in dynamic situations. So, lace up those boots, hit the range, and embrace the thrill of shooting on the move!

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