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Rear Stock Adaptor for Remington 870 20 Gauge


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20 Gauge "Lucy" Adaptor for Remington Shotgun Stocks

Purpose built for easy installation; the Mesa Tactical “Lucy” 20 Gauge Adaptor is a perfect solution for adapting a wide variety of 12 gauge stocks to the smaller dimensions of Remington 20 gauge receivers. There are a limited number of aftermarket stock upgrades available for Remington 20 gauge firearms, but use of the Lucy 20 Gauge Adaptor increases stock options by allowing for the installation of most 12 gauge Remington stocks onto 20 gauge Remington receivers.

When combined with the Lucy Adaptor, Adaptive Tactical’s EX Shotgun Stock is a perfect stock solution. Buy the Lucy 20 Gauge Adaptor as a set with the Adaptive Tactical EX Stock or as a standalone solution to mount your favorite stock.

  • Precision Fit Design
  • Simple Installation
  • Rust Resistant Black Finish
  • Compatible with 20 Gauge Shotguns - 870/1100/1187
  • Not Compatible when used with EX Performance Stock and 1100/1187 
  • Compatible with Semi-Auto/Pump Rifles – 7400/7600/7615
  • Made in USA

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