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BOA Outside the Waistband (OWB) Holster

A one-piece, extreme performance, multi-fit holster;
comfortable and tough, with positive firearm retention

Next Generation Design

BOA Holsters are constructed from "BOA Hide", a specially formulated, high density elastomeric material. BOA Hide allows the creation of a holster which is strong and tear resistant, maintains flexibility, and delivers an incredible degree of positive firearm retention. BOA Holsters deliver on performance – tough, distinctly comfortable, and ready for extreme performance demands.

Unmatched Comfort

Whether worn on a quick run to the store or during a week-long hunting trip, BOA Holsters are designed for comfort. With one-piece BOA Hide construction, ergonomic contouring and flexibility, BOA Holsters are built with the end user in mind. Nothing matches its wearability – BOA delivers on comfort.

Consistent and Reliable

BOA Holsters are engineered to keep your handgun securely at the ready. The holster design and the BOA Hide material itself seem to "grip" your handgun, providing positive firearm retention through the most demanding environments of daily life. Quiet, consistent and secure – BOA Holsters perform to the highest standards.

  • Constructed of BOA Hide material; all weather performance, with moisture-repelling, easy to clean surfaces
  • Reliable and simple one-piece construction; no seams, sewing or separate components
  • Form fitting design for reliable, consistent firearm friction retention; optimal ride height and cant angle
  • Durable belt loops are optimized for 1-1/2 belt width
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Right and Left Hand models available
* BOA Hide: Patent Pending

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